Power Strike Seminar – Oak Lawn, Illinois

Learn about the power strike that took down 6’8” 600+ lbs Sumo fighter in UFC 3.

John McSweeney created a unique method of striking that combined his knowledge from old Parker Kenpo and Crane style Kung Fu. It was further refined by his student, Tom Saviano, founder of the White Tiger Kenpo System.

Zoran Sevic will not only teach the strikes of both, but will hand you the concepts and principles that can be used to improve the power of all your striking. Regardless of your style or system.

Open to all styles and systems. You do not need to be kenpo to learn this. Don’t miss the fun.

Download the Flyer.

Saturday, May 28 ยท 8:30am – 9:45am

Japanese Cultural Center
8512 S Cicero Ave
Oak Lawn, IL

Need more information?
Contact Kurt Barnhart of
(708) 899-2059

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