There is no Successor to Emperado

This public statement is to address any questions concerning a successor to Sijo Adriano D. Emperado, Founder and Creator of the Kajukenbo system.

Sijo Emperado passed away on April 4, 2009. Prior to his passing he did not name anyone to be his successor. In 2007, Sijo Emperado named a “Board of Advisors” (BOA) for his organization, the Kajukenbo Self Defense Institute, Inc (KSDI). This board’s (made up of 9 grandmasters) sole purpose was/is to screen and promote qualified applicants to the rank of either 8th or 9th degree within the KSDI organization. No member of the Board of Advisors was named to be Sijo Emperado’s successor.

Sijo Emperado always documented in either writing, video, or both, all important promotions, appointments, and declarations. No one has, or can provide any documentation from Sijo Emperado stating that he/she had been named as Sijo Emperado’s successor.
If anyone, anywhere, is claiming to be Sijo Emperado’s successor now, or in the future, their claim is fraudulent and without merit.


  • Grandmaster Eugene Sedeno, K.S.D.I
  • Grandmaster Gary Forbach, K.S.D.I. – B.O.A.
  • Grandmaster Greg Harper, E.K.A.
  • Grandmaster Philip Gelinas, K.S.D.I. – B.O.A.
  • Grandmaster Al Dela Cruz, K.O.A.
  • Grandmaster Julian Jay Vera, K.S.D.I.
  • Grandmaster Rick Kingi, K.S.D.I. – B.O.A.
  • Grandmaster Robert New, K.O.A.
  • Grandmaster Angel Garcia Soldado, K.S.D.I. – B.O.A.
  • Grandmaster Doug Bunda, K.S.D.I.
  • Grandmaster Bob Maschmeier, K.S.D.I.
  • Grandmaster Woody Sims, K.S.D.I.
  • Grandmaster Keith Straughter, K.S.D.I.
  • Grandmaster Armando Laguna, K.S.D.I.
  • Grandmaster Gerry Scott, O.K.O., K.O.A., K.H.
  • Grandmaster Al Rimando, KSDI
  • Grandmaster Frank Bianchi, K.S.D.I.
  • Grandmaster Ted Sotelo, K.S.D.I.
  • Professor John Bishop, K.S.D.I.
  • Professor Mike Merlino, K.S.D.I.
  • Professor John Bono, K.A.A.
  • Professor Rob Peladeau K.S.D.I.
  • Professor James Willis, K.S.D.I.
  • Professor Tim Gagnier. K.A.A.
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